Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beautiful Lies

Making a logo/album cover for a band called Beautiful Lies,
I don't make logos... ever.

This one just came to me.
Actually it took about 2 hours of brainstorming.

The main assignment given to me was to make an album cover.
It's to help my friend Chris Hansen with one of his projects.
He has to promote a band for his record label class.
So what better way then with some nice new art, right?
Hire up a designer and get em workin' on it.

I'm done with making things to how I think people would like them.
All I want is just to do my own thing and if people like that,
then they can hire me.
I'm not sure if that's the correct way to look at things,
but I make better art that way.

Refusing to make anything cheesy I had to think hard.
I made a list of what represents lies and beauty,
nothing good was coming to mind.

Then it hit me, an optical illusion!
It's a beautiful lie, and I can use it as a logo!

Then I looked up cool album covers, listed them down.

Placing the logo dead center on a flat background,
simple but perfect.

The only thing is the B is jagged, but whatevs.
I got the rest of the CD to worry about now.

That is if Chris and his group approve of this.
I actually gotta perfect it a little more, I quickly did it in illustrator.


Micael said...

Completely awesome. Good fucking job. The B and the L are very clear reads and a good clever trick, the only thing slightly confusing is the tan sideways kind of L there in the middle of the B, but I don't think it's a really big deal.

I'm also not sure if you need the splatter at the bottom of the shape.

Brilliant concept though and great execution. I'm jealous.

Michael Goldrei said...

Wow - this is great. And so's the octopus jumper (sweatshirt). And pretty much everything else on here!

It looks like those couple of hours thinking up this design were put to far better use than many other record sleeve designs - and the idea of the image being a 'Beautiful Lie' comes across really well.

Ignore the other guy - I think you should keep this as it is!