Friday, August 7, 2009

Ohio, Kentucky, Tennesse, Arkansas, Texas

Drove through five states In one day. Kentucky is where my family is from, tons of relatives (that I don't personally know) live there. I'm so tired from driving all day, just arrived in Dallas. Ate some good Mephis BBQ on the way down, I love meat. Rode awesome coasters yesterday in Ohio. All in all it's been fun traveling. Now I get to sleep for 3 hours and head to Austin, meet up with some friends and possibly eat more delicious BBQ.

Update: My hotel is truly magical, I could hear playful childrens laughter throughout my sleep.
When I awoke where once lay a barren land of countertop was now filled with breakfast delights!
My only rightful conclusion is that elves came in and went to town making a feast fit for a hotel guest.

Went to Cedar Point and got yelled at for taking pictures on one of the rides, this is what happens to outlaws.