Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Birch Tree

Todays events included...

• getting stuck in an elevator (not fun)
• making a birch tree pillow out of flannel (fun)

(Side Note: I will be painting the trim on my walls)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today was warm... well, warm for Michigan

50 degrees outside, intense fog.
I want to do an ink painting of this picture, it'll be awesome.


I got a Canon Rebel XS, it's lovely.
Which means, many many pictures

First of some cookies I'm going to be selling to shops around TC.
Note: These are the first batch made in Michigan ever, with that said... they didn't turn out the same as the California batches.
I blame being too tired and skipping the all important step of making sure the butter is soft before mixing.

Still tasted mighty good, but next batch will be much much prettier.


My dog Zebadiah could smell the cookies I was taking pictures of,
and decided to hang out/snooze on my bed.

Here he is snoozing on my sisters bed.

What can I say, the dog likes to sleep.


Three cheers for my weird paper cutouts!
I wouldn't laugh at my paper cutout illustrations.
They do have feelings, and they do give paper cuts.

I learned the hard way...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

I'm typing this from my new iPod touch. I'm officially up to speed with todays technology. I also made some powerful eggnog! My studio is now setup, so you'll be seeing more artwork shortly... I'm preparing for events like comicon, hurray!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Room

I've spent the past few weeks getting rid of clutter.
I still have the downstairs to tackle, but I've made a good dent upstairs.

I needed a room change...
The old room had turqouise walls with a white illustrated bamboo forrest.
I got the idea in my head when i was 17, had to do it.
Not really into that now, resulting in a room change.

I have wood floors in my room, which i love.
I decided to go simplistic and vintage meets the woods.
If that makes any sense?

Sweat, blood and tears went into painting the walls a extremely light grey/blue color called "coastal fog".
Which turns out white in these pictures, which is why i had to tell you otherwise.

I still want a different dresser, but it's what we had in the house.
However, I did get the chair & a wonderful headboard (that you can't see in the pic) for 20 bucks total.
Thanks to the super cheap awesome thrift stores in Northern Michigan.

Anyway, I present to you... my room.

I Decided to make a couple simple art pieces for the walls, and frame a few leaves my mom collected this fall.
She loves collecting leaves, I don't know why.

Oh yes, and I'm very proud of my bedside table.
I got it for 10 bucks at the GW.
At the time it was painted black & had a rust problem.
So I cleaned it off, annihilated the rust, primed and painted.
I <3 projects!
I think I'm going to paint that mirror white too.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gwen Frostic (poet, printer, & illustrator)

Gwen setup her studios in the small town of Benzie, close to where I live.
Her wood-block printing is what really made her famous.

Benzie is really into the wood printing, so I checked to see if there were any classes.
Apparently there's an apprentice position open at a company from there.

I'm going to apply for it, because it's such a rad way of printing.
If I were to get the position I'd get free stay in a cabin by the river.

I have to learn how to wood print, it's too cool to pass up.