Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today was warm... well, warm for Michigan

50 degrees outside, intense fog.
I want to do an ink painting of this picture, it'll be awesome.


I got a Canon Rebel XS, it's lovely.
Which means, many many pictures

First of some cookies I'm going to be selling to shops around TC.
Note: These are the first batch made in Michigan ever, with that said... they didn't turn out the same as the California batches.
I blame being too tired and skipping the all important step of making sure the butter is soft before mixing.

Still tasted mighty good, but next batch will be much much prettier.


My dog Zebadiah could smell the cookies I was taking pictures of,
and decided to hang out/snooze on my bed.

Here he is snoozing on my sisters bed.

What can I say, the dog likes to sleep.


Three cheers for my weird paper cutouts!
I wouldn't laugh at my paper cutout illustrations.
They do have feelings, and they do give paper cuts.

I learned the hard way...

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