Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Room

I've spent the past few weeks getting rid of clutter.
I still have the downstairs to tackle, but I've made a good dent upstairs.

I needed a room change...
The old room had turqouise walls with a white illustrated bamboo forrest.
I got the idea in my head when i was 17, had to do it.
Not really into that now, resulting in a room change.

I have wood floors in my room, which i love.
I decided to go simplistic and vintage meets the woods.
If that makes any sense?

Sweat, blood and tears went into painting the walls a extremely light grey/blue color called "coastal fog".
Which turns out white in these pictures, which is why i had to tell you otherwise.

I still want a different dresser, but it's what we had in the house.
However, I did get the chair & a wonderful headboard (that you can't see in the pic) for 20 bucks total.
Thanks to the super cheap awesome thrift stores in Northern Michigan.

Anyway, I present to you... my room.

I Decided to make a couple simple art pieces for the walls, and frame a few leaves my mom collected this fall.
She loves collecting leaves, I don't know why.

Oh yes, and I'm very proud of my bedside table.
I got it for 10 bucks at the GW.
At the time it was painted black & had a rust problem.
So I cleaned it off, annihilated the rust, primed and painted.
I <3 projects!
I think I'm going to paint that mirror white too.


kamikazesquid said...

headline on right now is "Chicago commuters cope with snowy roads"

and it's only been a day since we talked.

Micael said...

Awesome fuckin bedside table. $10... damn. I also love that framing style for housing wall art.

+10 awesomeness