Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ice Box Brownies

I got the illustrations & t-shirt designs done for my portfolio.
Now all I need are a couple designs and logos.
Again I'm gearing my design skills to more cartoon youthful styles,
seeing as it seems to be my niche.

Here's a design for a brownie box, I'm still working on it.
I decided to make the main character a brownie (mythical creature).
He's so cute I could just give him a big ol' hug,
and in the process I'd probably kill him...
Brownies are very tiny.

Side Note: Outside my neighbors keep their annoying birds,
so everyone can hear them.
Their owners have now taught them how to do a cat call whistle...
they never stop.
I went outside to empty the trash,
and I got hooted and hollared at by 5 birds at once.
It was great, it made me feel very flattered.

Octopus Sweatshirt Idea

Not sure if this could easily be done,
but I'd love to see the backs of people wearing sweatshirts if they were octopuses.
It would even look good with the hood off, hairy head octopus.

A friend of mine,
Keith Noordzy (talented illustrator & squid hunter)
apparently has copyrights to all things with tentacles.
So, please don't sue me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stressed out to the max

Extreme stress is weird,
It makes me physically feel weak,
and I have nightmares of my teeth falling out.

apparently it's a common stress dream, who knew?

Anyway I quickly re-did this "I Rule"

I'm going to take out the background and make it into a t-shirt design.

Hopefully this weekend I can finally get
some things done and some of this extreme stress will be lifted.
I can't take another dream where I have no teeth.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Getting Places

About one month ago I threw together a portfolio...
That's just the problem, it was thrown together.
If I want to be taken seriously I figure i'll
need a really nice snazzy portfolio that really sells
me as an illustrator.

I'm sticking to my cartoon style only in this one.
I figure that's what I do best, and it'll give the portfolio
a more put together look.

So here's the front page I made last night.
I'm gonna be working on it all day today, and
whatever it takes tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I went home for a little over a week.
These are the woods I grew up in, wild child.
Many memories of riding bikes 24/7
only stopping to pick black berries and strawberries.
Mind you they're really tiny in the wild, so it's not much for snacking.

Loved this day out to the field to with Zeb.
Saw a huge bald eagle, and some people riding horses...
had to lie low...
The field is separate from the woods and is private property.
In Zebs favor, he matches the field.

Good Times

I thought real swords had to be kept behind glass and or locked up.
Don't put em out in front of us and expect people to resist temptations.
Who could turn down swinging a real geeky samurai sword in the mall?!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bite Your Thumb T-shirt Line

I have a company name I registered a few years ago,
called "Bite Your Thumb".
Didn't really know when the day would come
when I'd actually use the name, but alas... it's here.
It came from a slight obsession with shakespeare, but I digress.
There's going to be 10 new designs, i'll be updating as I go along.

Skeleton T-shirts are out, vein T-shirts are in.