Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ice Box Brownies

I got the illustrations & t-shirt designs done for my portfolio.
Now all I need are a couple designs and logos.
Again I'm gearing my design skills to more cartoon youthful styles,
seeing as it seems to be my niche.

Here's a design for a brownie box, I'm still working on it.
I decided to make the main character a brownie (mythical creature).
He's so cute I could just give him a big ol' hug,
and in the process I'd probably kill him...
Brownies are very tiny.

Side Note: Outside my neighbors keep their annoying birds,
so everyone can hear them.
Their owners have now taught them how to do a cat call whistle...
they never stop.
I went outside to empty the trash,
and I got hooted and hollared at by 5 birds at once.
It was great, it made me feel very flattered.

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