Friday, August 7, 2009

Ohio, Kentucky, Tennesse, Arkansas, Texas

Drove through five states In one day. Kentucky is where my family is from, tons of relatives (that I don't personally know) live there. I'm so tired from driving all day, just arrived in Dallas. Ate some good Mephis BBQ on the way down, I love meat. Rode awesome coasters yesterday in Ohio. All in all it's been fun traveling. Now I get to sleep for 3 hours and head to Austin, meet up with some friends and possibly eat more delicious BBQ.

Update: My hotel is truly magical, I could hear playful childrens laughter throughout my sleep.
When I awoke where once lay a barren land of countertop was now filled with breakfast delights!
My only rightful conclusion is that elves came in and went to town making a feast fit for a hotel guest.

Went to Cedar Point and got yelled at for taking pictures on one of the rides, this is what happens to outlaws.


micael said...

You're going to Austin?!? YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE. South Lamar or at The Ritz.

Tell me when you're there and I'll pull strings and get you in free. There might even be a rad event.

Check the calendars:

Kali said...

Thanks for the offer, didn't see it in time.
LOVED Austin though, met some great people.
I think I'll be visiting again soon, so I might take you up on helping me get into the Alamo again.