Sunday, October 5, 2008

Moose-Stache Revised

So I had a sketch of moose stache scanned in, which I didn't like to be honest.
This is much, much better.
Actually the first one was so bad, I can't bare to look at it anymore (consider it banished to room 101).
I need to adjust the lower case "h", it's looking like the letter "R" right now

Which leads me to my weekend adventures.
I galavanted through Pasadena & in the midst of it all.. grabbed a couple of books.

The first one being "Hand Job" by Michael Perry.
It's all about handwritten typography, I recommend.

See me demonstrate my X-ray vision, splendid.

The second one being "Art and Design of Gama-Go".
Nothing that will blow your mind away, but just fun character art.
I figure I can produce close to that quality of art, so it's good as a reference.

If you get both books I think you'll notice my moose-stache being heavily inspired by the two.

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