Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Election & Halloween

Finished the flyer,
it's good.
I would have liked more time, I might have been able to produce something quite amazing.
Though this is cute, and I got it done.

The Election

I'll be voting for Bob Barr,
key reasons being,

• Wants to end the war
• Eliminate the Federal Reserve
• Eliminate the Dept of Education
• Significantly Reduce & eventually eliminate the Income tax
• Stop illegal immigration
• Pro Free Market
• Anti Big Government
• Anti Wiretapping
• Eliminate secret prisons
• Mustache & Pedo-esque

A good amount of issues that I can stand behind.

The rest of you can vote for your loving
Obama with his big socialistic government & wiretapping ways.

I can't vote for someone I don't really stand behind, due to fear of McCain.
I think it's time we educate ourselves as a nation.
Really delve into issues and not just vote by the tube.
Our problem is, the all power television.

Oh and as far as Halloween goes.
Why do chicks slut up costumes?

Even girls who you think are normal,
show their true retarded colors come Halloween.
I will chuck a pumpkin at each and every slutified (if that were a word) costume.
sexy ghostbusters watch out, a pumpkin to your head!