Thursday, October 9, 2008

Concept Logo

Expirimenting with illustrator and some techniques,
made some concept logos.
I'm working on them more this weekend,
finalizing ideas.
The coffee one was just experimenting
with techniques to make logos more snazzy.

I'll be making more versions/concepts for my personal logo.
You know, minus the swearing bird...
suppose it could offend some people.
Plus, I think the bird thing has been over done
by illustrators across the globe... maybe gnome?

1 comment:

Micael said...

The coffee one is very well executed, but that style is way too overdone these days. That's totally fine for an exploration piece though of course. I constantly make stuff that's cliche just to be sure that I can do it. Things to avoid for serious work though: reflections.

With the KM one, I like the illustration more than the logo work. I get the Km, but I think it's a little forced and gets a bit lost. I do wanna know what handwriting typefaces you use though, I like that one in the speech bubble. And, as always, love the hell out of the illustration.