Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thank God Football Season is OVER

I didn't watch the super bowl or go to any party.
I just went thrift shopping and bought some sculpey.
I'm trying to figure out ways to make stuff for an online art store.

This was my test run, so he's really not that great.
I mean he drinks a lot and swears all the time so... what can you do?

Oh, and check it out...
I've been finding Gwen Frostic prints at resale shops around town.
This one was signed, sweet!

Oh, aaaannnddd!
Which is better? Texture or no texture?


Micael said...

Texture. But I like the vignette.

Rochelle Rochelle said...

i love owls! Are you planning on selling on I am working on stuff for that site, its an awesome site.. you should sell prints of your artwork on there!

Kali said...

Yeah :)
I'm thinking about starting up an Etsy shop.
I just gotta get some stuff printed out nicely!
Owls rule, they're fun to collect and fun to draw