Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cut and Paste LA competition

And the winner is, Janée Meadows!

I think she's gonna kick butt in New York!
Honestly, out of the top renown designers of the world
Janée is one of the best.
I would say this even if she wasn't my sister.
She doesn't promote herself so nobody knows about her,
but she is a genius when it comes to graphic design and illustration.
In other words, I have yet to see another designer better then her.

This is one of my recent faves


Anonymous said...

i never did quite follow the cut & paste comps, dont know if routing on design is all that interesting. Its almost like designing and having your boss or client standing over your back. what if your crowd doesn't like what you are doing, do they boo and you feel guilty so you erase it or can they throw stuff at you. that would be cool. maybe i'll check out the next one. congrats to your sis

Kali said...

yeah my sister wanted me to enter as well, but I had no desire to compete like that.
I would have gone to cheer had I been in town, I like getting together with fellow artists.

They still have a final competition soon here in NYC, not sure where you live... but if you're in NYC it's not too late!