Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Travels home... in a short video

Updated!! With audio & a few seconds of extra footage!

Few things...
• When we were walking silly around Chi-Town people were pointing and laughing...
We did it anyway so the video would be more entertaining, that's dedication!
• Tis true, I like to sleep in the back of the car with things covering my head.
• Finally saw that blasted meteor (pun intended)
• High heel boots hurt, but they look so good.

:( I miss California
Life is no picnic right now.
I'm praying that I'll have the wisdom to promote myself well.


Rochelle Rochelle said...

aww i love it, makes me miss chicago!

Kali said...

Chicago is such a great city!
If you ask me it would be better then Los Angeles if it wasn't so dang cold.
The people are cooler and down to earth.