Saturday, May 31, 2008

Christopher Parker Hansen

First off I apologize,
this post falls off the path of an art related entry.
Having said that, It's just too good.

My very rad friend Chris and I have both been having some molar pains.
I'm strong, he's weak & so he decided to go do something about it.

I let him know to make sure to get back to me on how it went.
Just incase I might feel the urge to do something about my molars.

He said the drugs alone were awesome, so it's worth it...
later on he sent me this.

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High Wire Girl said...

Hi, Kali. I came across your blog through Illustration Friday. Is this gentleman wearing a bra on his head? My sister recently had some heavy duty oral surgery, and it was suggested to her to wear Depends on the day of the procedure. I'm not really sure why I feel compelled to share this bit of information with you, however, I've been trying to reach out to others in the art community however I can.