Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grease Lightnin'

Weird art that looks cool, I love it.
I'm going to update it a little more, I'm just trying to think of how...
then I'm going to take another photo of it and get it printed at
Costco or something.
Holla' at yo Costco it's bananas...
They do prints there, right?

Why fiddle dee dee, where are my manners?
My good buddy ol' pal Justin B. thought up this brilliant idea.
I need to illustrate it better actually,
because the beard is suppose to be a tornado.
I think there needs to be more cyclone action going on!

Anyway I want the final version framed in my room.
If Justin likes it, i'll send him a framed copy as well.

Side Note: I think I'll also do a version of hand art, kinda like this.

Does it even count as art? More like boredom at it's finest!
Anyway I want a few framed in my room as well.

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