Thursday, February 2, 2012

99 Designs - entry

So I was all pumped up and made this nice logo, and it was rejected in 2 mins flat, haha.
It's okay, I didn't expect to win because so many people are entering.

However, I do really like this logo and how I was able to fit both the housing and bear into one simple, clean, clever, memorable logo.
So since it doesn't have a chance, I thought I'd at least post it up and share it.

If anything 99 designs will get me to make a bunch of logos, something I've been wanting to do for awhile now.


Pili Moreno said...

Oh I know the feeling, i´ve entered a couple too but i gave up soon :P
I´m not as good as you, I love this design! Keep up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kali,
You did a great job!

Working for Hatchwise. com (another online logo contest site), I see everyday designs who submit designs, and though at first nothing comes of it, the more feedback you get from the contest holders, the more you get an idea of what you need to tweak.

So, keep up the good work!