Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Freelancing for E!

Keep your eyes peeled when watching E!
you might see some of my work making a debut real soon.
A friend (who works for E!) asked me to illustrate
some childrens drawings of Alice in Wonderland.
I guess they needed em' for a show they're doing.
Threw my hair up in pig tails,
got out a big piece of paper, opened a box of new crayolas,
layed down on the floor with my legs kicking,
and got to work.

Apparently it's hard to draw like a kid,
but not if you are mentally challenged like myself.

I don't mess around, I pay deep attention to details.

Notice the following
• backwards "L"
• everything has the same smile
• blob hands

All of them, things only a child would do.

I'm a star

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