Monday, August 4, 2008


A DJ asked me to make a flyer for his house party,
so this is my first rough pitch.
I'm sticking to Helvetica,
I think the disco ball is distracting and crazy enough as it is.
I'm stopping where I'm at because I'm done for the night,
it's too stuffy in this room & i need rest.
Here's hoping he digs!

I like it, even if nobody else does.

1 comment:

Micael said...

I'd suggest you go ahead and tighten the kerning on HOUSE and PARTY, because you have a lot of letters that are alllmost touching but not overlapping. Go ahead and let them overlap if you want the kerning that tight.

Also there's some weird stuff where your letters don't line up quite right, for example the Y and T are quite clearly not the same size.

I would also then loosen the kerning on the smaller type a bit. It's fine and can look cool to have big bold title text overlapping with really tight kerning, but small text that you want to be readable is most often better suited to not actually overlap the characters, especially with san serif typefaces.

And there's some stuff here too where it seems a little weirdly off like not all the letters totally line up. For one example, all the "r"s in the RSVP line of text look too small for some reason. It could possibly just be your AA settings for the text, check what setting you have for it, and play with a couple different options to see which one looks the cleanest.

I might also suggest that you do the imagery in PS and then do your typework in AI. It's just easier to work with type in AI, make sure all the kerning/leading is balanced, all characters are the exact same font size, etc etc. Oh and keep any text that's grouped together in one text field (like, the Saturday, Doors, and RSVP lines should all be in one text field, not 3 separate ones), because it's always better to let AI handle your leading perfectly rather than trying to eyeball it.