Saturday, July 26, 2008

Window View

So I got myself a pocket watercolor moleskin, and I love it.
Found a polaroid camera for a buck, Goodwills got it going on.
Was going to have my mom just send me the one I left at home,
but for a dollar I think it's even cheaper this way.
I really want to go to different locals and take pictures, and then paint them.
I don't like sitting around outside painting for too long, can't relax in public.

I'm starting this book off with the view from my window.
I haven't really tried background painting, so bare with me.

Think I could have gotten a little more values going on in it.
Also It's not exactly the same composition, and it could be improved.
That said I think it's a cute little sketch painting, and I'm looking forward
to doing some more.

Here's another photo I took for drawing, mainly for the telephone lines.
I just thought they looked more interesting in this photo.
Plus it's just a better photo, though not easier to paint mind you...
I don't think a screen could be easily done.

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Micael said...

You would be getting paid pretty well if you were more outgoing, social, and good at networking. Your illustrations are good, like... really fucking good. You deserve money.

My theater occasionally hires poster designers from gigposters, but if we have any coming up that would benefit from your style I'm definitely gonna try to get you commissioned.

That's the best I can do, but really try to get out there more. There's money waiting for you. You just gotta know the people to take it from.