Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cat scratch fever

Remember this?
Well I decided to color her in, and it's not bad.

On my travels through Nevada & Arizona I picked up a pin-up book, complete with 3D glasses!
Except... when I opened the book the 3D glasses were gone!
How I ask?! It was still in shrink wrap!
Ah well i'm forced to draw from 2D now, you work with what you got.

This is only the start,
i'm going to get awesome at this digital painting, you'll see.
Planning on taking a background painting class too, so that should help.

I should go to Dr Sketchys again, I mean it's not that bad.
10$ bucks down around sunset and you get to lounge in a bar and draw during happy hour.
Probably the best drawing scenario one could ask for.

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