Thursday, April 23, 2009

I love Ffffound

My vintage wood cube frame got posted up!
I sold it recently on my shop :D

As for updates,
yesterday I tried some screen printing.
I've got myself a little setup going, it's pretty rad.
Though I'm short on supplies so I have to go get some more.
I messed up with the first screen, but the second came out loverly.

I can't wait to get more supplies and start printing out a bunch of stuff!
Love the way it looks, nothing like it!

Went to the copy shop a few days ago to get a few prints.
Have to go back tomorrow because I've gotten 4 new orders,
but I'm gonna try a nicer print place.

I love having a Canon XS

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I have a print! said...

Love your illustrations, good luck on etsy too :-)