Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Salvador Dali


Anonymous said...

Completely awesome. I love Dali. Do you have his Dali's Moustache book? It's fantastic!

Kali said...

Thanks :D !
No I dont have the Dalis Mustache book :(, but its now on my list of books to get!

undeadguy said...

YES! one down!


i will frame each and every one and strategically place them around my apartment... the one yer gonna help me design :P

Kali said...

Hurray! Design an apartment time!

I thought you might love this,
esp since you're in march mustache madness mode.
I too want to get this and the rest to come printed.

stewart wagstaff said...

Wow, any man woman or child would be proud of such a mustache.